Custom Designed

Custom Designed

When I remodeled my first kitchen in 1996, I quickly learned that 1950’s bugalows aren’t built the way a modern, new construction house is. The ceilings were lower (which made painting the walls much easier… something I didn’t learn until I had to paint my first 9 foot wall: those last 12 inches are inconvenient), the spaces were smaller, and creating a layout that would use the box store cabinetry I needed to order wasn’t easy. I memorized the Kraftmaid cabinet catalog on that first remodel and fought the set cabinet heights and depths until I could make something that worked. When we built our first custom home, which I got to design myself (spending hours/weeks/months sitting at the coffee table with gridded paper I purchased at the Illinois Central College bookstore), using those standard cabinet sizes was much easier; but the creativity that was generated by fitting workspaces into tiny places was less imperative. In the end, I think my first tiny kitchen remodel was more inspired than my grand “custom” kitchen with it’s 10 foot island. There’s something about the freedom to customize every square inch of space that yields a more ingenious design.

Welcome to custom cabinetry… and I don’t mean the kind of “custom” cabinetry that Kraftmaid or the big box stores sell. I mean cabinets that are built by hand to fit your exact spaceyour ceiling height, your desired counter height, and the specific widths and depths that make your kitchen (or bath or any space you want to use built-in furnishings and storage) unique and functional and soothing.

Every kitchen I’ve designed since those first two has been a custom kitchen, thanks to my cabinet builders, who’ve become friends and partners in this process. And it wasn’t an experience that required a greater investment. In fact, it cost less.

Offering you the same opportunity to combine creative beauty with practical purpose in your own spaces is my goal, with options that fit within your budget. I truly believe that whether you are building an expansive gourmet kitchen in a home that is under construction right now or you are remodeling a tiny space in a home built a century ago, Kitcheart can work with you make dreamy ideas a real place you live and work in. And that space will offer the quality and value that you so desire, whether your budget is bounded or limitless.

That brings me to how these custom cabinets are hand crafted by skilled artisans with generations of dedication to their artful craft…