Artisan Crafted

Artisan Crafted

Kitcheart custom cabinetry and built-ins are crafted by skilled artisans who’ve passed their art form from generation to generation, integrating the practical beauty of what they build with their priorities for faith, family, and simplicity. Not only do I admire the work these men and women do, but I respect how they hold themselves to a higher standard than any other cabinetry builders I’ve met.

My decision to start Kitcheart (LLC) was rooted in my desire to share their cabinetry with others who will see the value and craftsmanship that surpasses other options. I have a passion for beautiful design and construction, but without artisans like these I could not offer you what I think is the best investment for your project.

Standard construction includes dovetail drawers and soft close doors and drawers, but there’s even more to these cabinets than having a solid structure that stands the test of time. As true artisans, these cabinet builders can replicate what you see on Pinterest, Houzz, or Instagram. They can build something they’ve never built for anyone… before they built it for you. They can custom match your paint colors and stains, and will provide a sample door to make sure your style/wood-species/finish/glazing choice looks the way you envisioned before building all your cabinetry.

My first experience designing a kitchen with these artisans was a very simple, economical plan that still included custom options that made my kitchen feel unique to my needs. My second kitchen was highly custom with many “non-standard” selections. My door style replicated the inset doors I remembered from my Grandma’s mid-century kitchen: built with hickory, stained gray, glazed to accent the subtle texture of the door design. They were timeless and exquisite. Together, these kitchen projects revealed the wide range of options and budgets that could be perfectly suited. You can choose a door style on display or they can replicate a picture.

I truly believe that no matter your project scope, the artisans that custom build Kitcheart’s cabinetry will work diligently to craft something above and beyond. And it doesn’t end at kitchens and baths. The custom built-in character you’ve admired in older homes is still possible today with built-in shelving, bookcases, fireplace mantles, pantries, closets, libraries, paneling, moldings, seating, and timeless storage options. I am quite certain that as we begin one project space on your list, you’ll start to dream about other possibilities for the future. That’s the fun of it!